January, 2017 began with tragedy after Brad, a self-employed painting contractor of 40+ years, was left with a devastating back injury after a traumatic car accident, leading him to leave his career and retire early. Leaving him with a very tight budget and excruciating pain, Brad would heartbreakingly find out, just a year later, that he would also now have another fight: cancer. Brad is currently battling colon cancer with chemotherapy, radiation, and even more financial woes. His budget is nearly non-existent now, as is his roof!!! He’s patched three holes, has had multiple leaks, and no financial means to replace. Please help this amazing man through your generous program. He is a father of three, spouse of an amazing nurse, and one of the most generous and giving people you could ever meet. Thank you for your consideration!!! 

Brad's Story: Brad, A self-employed and local Erie county painting contractor of 40 plus years, was struck with disaster after he was involved in a traumatic car accident in January of 2017 (which was not his fault) leaving him with extensive back injuries, numerous medical bills, and excruciating pain and suffering, leaving him to retire early due to injuries suffered. Brad made drastic cuts in his already tight budget. Just one year later Brad would heartbreakingly find out that he had a new battle, colon cancer. Brad is currently receiving care at the Cleveland Clinic, undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, and extensive surgery with very optimistic outcomes expected. Despite the reassurance from his medical team, the medical bills have piled up beyond belief and his budget has gotten even more dismal. Adding to the stressors is the care he also gives to his ailing 92 year old WWII Veteran father who is now homebound. Brad provides meals. Transportation, groceries and serves as his fathers handyman every week without fail. Despite Brads financial woes and a roof having already had three patched holes and multiple leaks, Brad still manages to set aside a small donation every year to St. Judes Children’s Hospital. Brad has been active in the local community over the years volunteering his time to coach, mentoring youth, and making monetary donations to local organizations in need. While his wallet may be small, his heart, strength, and courage are enormous. Please help this amazing father of three and spouse of an amazing nurse by voting for him. 


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