My wife and I are on disability. And with all of our medical bills and prescriptions are unable to afford a new roof   We are in desperate need as repairs are needed every year to keep it maintained. We alwYs are the ines tj help the neighbors when possible with meals or labor that we can do. Which isn't much but we try to help. We were in the final 4 last time they had the contest and hope that we can be pick again to try to win a new roof. We thank you for this opportunity and will be living in this house until the good lord decides it's our time. Thanks for your consideration. 

Brain & Cindy's Story: 

Hi everyone! Our name is Brian and Cindy Logsdon and this is our story. We bought our house in 2007. Shortly after moving in, Brian was told by his Cardiologist that he could no longer work and should go on Social Security Disability. Brian has born with a very enlarged heart which causes heart failure and a deadly heart rhythm Ventricular Tachycardia . He has had a defibrillator, pace maker put in his chest twice now. He also has Diabetes which he has to take insulin for, that is 5 times the strength of normal insulin. Each vial of insulin that he takes cost $495.00 and he uses 2 vials a month. Besides this he has kidney failure. Has had one knee replaced and now needs the other knee done. He had his back fused and caged 2 years ago. He is on 14 different medications a day for his health issues and sees 5 different health specialists. All of these expenses add up very quickly.

As for myself, I was injured at work when falling on black ice in the parking lot. I had a head injury and 2 bulged disc and one herniated disc in my lower back. I had one surgery after the injury and now need my back fused and caged. Workers Compensation no longer wants to pay for any treatment of my back, so I will have to hire an Attorney to make them pay for my medical expenses. Due to my back getting worse I am now having problems with my hips and legs. I also have Spinal Stenosis and Spondylosis in my back. All of this caused me to have to go on Social Security Disability. Shortly after my back surgery, our Dr. found a tumor in my kidney that had to be removed leaving me with just a little over half a kidney.

Due to Brian and I having to go on Social Security Disability our income dropped almost 70% from what we were making while working.

Brian and I have always lived our life on the fact that “there is always someone worse of than us”. We have helped so many people whether it is with food to feed their family, household supplies, driving someone to their Dr.’s appointment or opening our home for a place to live. Now it has come that we need help! With all of our health expenses it leaves us with little money to save at the end of the month for a new roof. The shingles are coming off and the wood underneath them is rotted in spots. Please help us win the new roof from “No Roof Left Behind” being sponsored by North Coast Roofing. Thank you!


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