Mike is a Purple Heart veteran with a wife and two kids. He was in several roadside bombs and did several tours overseas. He deserves this new roof because he fought and served for our country and has sacrificed a lot 

Mike's Story: My name is Micheal Tullio. When asked to write about who I am the answer is hard to give. I am a husband to a loving wife and a father to whom I would do anything for. I am a passionate about fishing. I am the guy that would give you the last dollar in my wallet to help you have lunch today, and the guy that will help you with any project because, “no” is not an option. I am a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and a Purple Heart recipient. Though this is something that made a huge impact in my life I refuse to let it define who I am. I feel that what I did is something that anybody else could have done. I just made the decision to do it. I was a Psyop specialist and a member of a three-man team that visited five villages weekly in eastern Iraq. I was the turret gunner and was responsible for the security of my team. While on mission our truck was hit by a roadside bomb. Two, 155 MM mortar rounds, were buried under the road and were detonated as we drove by. I was knock unconscious and when I woke up I went to get behind my gun realizing that my 50 Cal machine gun was torn from the mount. Shrapnel had grazed my helmet and gone through my hand. A DOD Civilian in the back seat was wounded but alive and conscious. He was late medevac’d out of Iraq. Other than that, we escaped without major injury. Our vehicle was destroyed. A hot cup of chai tea was found on a carpet in a ditch beside the road. That was where our attacker waited to detonate his bomb. November 2004 I was a part of the second battle for Fallujah, the heaviest close quarter combat to be seen since WW2. Though I have seen much I still refuse to let it change who I am. When my wife and I bought our house in 2013 we looked for something we could afford and could start a family in. Nathan, our first child, was a few months from being born when we got the keys. As is the case with most older homes, this one needed quite a bit of work. With help from friends and family, I painted, did trim work, and work to get the house into shape before baby Nathan arrived. One of the main selling points for this house was the large finished basement where we could spend the majority of our time in this home. Soon after moving, Nathan came into this world kicking and screaming and we were overjoyed. Nathan was a healthy baby, but soon after coming home he began to have trouble breathing. He was diagnosed with asthma and I wondered if it might be caused by something in our home. While looking around the basement I could smell a musty smell and started to poke around the drywall and noticed mold. So, then I proceeded to strip the basement walls and ceiling down to the studs and remodeled the room. Though I had taken the largest room in our house away from my wife and Nathan it was for the better. Now our basement is livable and with the addition of Joshua to our family it is where we spend most of the time. About a year later I noticed a wet spot on the ceiling and wall of Joshua’s room. That small wet spot quickly became a larger wet spot and the plaster from the wall began to crumble and pull from the wall. I called a friend that knew a bit about roofing and we discovered that the flashing around chimney on my roof had failed. We knocked the chimney down and repaired the roof, patching the shingles with what he could find. Now I am happy to say that the repair held, and I was able to also repair Joshua’s bedroom. Plaster work is no fun by the way. I know that things like these come up while owning a house and that they are just part of the fun game of keeping a house from falling apart. If I win this contest and receive a new roof for this house that will be one less thing for me to worry about, then I could focus on keeping my two boys from trying to hurt each other and bringing this house down around our ears. As Joshua likes to say “Hulk Smash! *crash* Nathan did it!” 


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